About DTBonjour

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DTBonjour had its origin when I wanted communicate between a Mac app and an iOS app. It greatly simplifies networking over WiFi by giving you an easy method to transmit any NSObject that conforms to NSCoding.


Documentation can be browsed online or installed in your Xcode Organizer via the Atom Feed URL.

Here is a tutorial on how to build a simple chat app with DTBonjour.


You have these options of including DTBonjour in your project

  • DTBonjour on CocoaPods
  • include the git repo as a submodule
  • clone a copy of it into an Externals folder in your project tree

When not using CocoaPods these are the steps for setup:

  • include the xcodeproj as a sub-project
  • Add the ObjC and all_load linker flags
  • add a dependency to the static library for your platform
  • add the static library also to the linking phase
  • add a User Header Search Path into the location where you have the code


It is open source and covered by a standard 2-clause BSD license. That means you have to mention Cocoanetics as the original author of this code and reproduce the LICENSE text inside your app.

You can purchase a Non-Attribution-License for 75 Euros for not having to include the LICENSE text.

We also accept sponsorship for specific enhancements which you might need. Please contact us via email for inquiries.

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