Inherits from BCKEAN13Code : BCKGTINCode : BCKCode : NSObject
Declared in BCKISSNCode.h


Specialized subclass of BCKEAN13Code to represent ISSN barcodes.

Initialise ISSN barcodes using:

The ISSN check digit is not always identical to the EAN13 check digit. This is because the ISSN check digit is ignored during EAN13 encoding. However, the title text shown above the barcode image shows the ISSN character string with the original check digit as defined by the standard. BCKISSNCode will validate any check digits provided and reject the character string if the check digit is invalid.

For example, ISSN string 2434-561X is converted to EAN13 as 9772434561006. The title text for that ISSN string is ISSN 2434-561X.

Use BCKEAN2SupplementCode or BCKEAN5SupplementCode to encode a separate barcode image, for example to encode issue numbers.

Instance Methods


Designated initializer for BCKISSNCode objects.

- (instancetype)initWithISSNString:(NSString *)issnString andISSNCheckDigit:(NSString *)issnCheckDigit andVariantOne:(NSString *)variantOne andVariantTwo:(NSString *)variantTwo error:(NSError *__autoreleasing *)error



The 7 character ISSN string without the hyphen separator and without the check digit.


The ISSN check digit.


The first variant string, use nil if not required, defaults to “0”.


The second variant string, nil if not required, defaults to “0”.


Optional output parameter to take an NSError in case the content cannot be encoded by this barcode class. Pass nil if not error information is not required.

Return Value

A BCKISSNCode object encoding the ISBN10/ISBN13 elements using EAN-13. Returns nil if the provided content cannot be encoded, the error object will provide error details.

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