Inherits from BCKCode : NSObject
Conforms to BCKCoding
Declared in BCKFacingIdentificationMarkCode.h


Specialized subclass of BCKCode representing Facing Identification Marks codes.

Instance Methods


Designated initializer of the BCKFacingIdentificationMarkCode class. Rather than taking a content string it takes a FIM type to instantiate the barcode. initWithContent will attempt to convert the content string to a FIM type, but its use is discouraged and only included for use by the DemoAPp.

- (instancetype)initWithFIMType:(BCKFacingIdentificationMarkType)fimType error:(NSError *__autoreleasing *)error



The desired FIM type.


Optional output parameter to take an NSError in case the barcode class could not be initiated. Pass nil if error information is not required.

Return Value

An instance of the BCKFacingIdentificationMarkCode for the desired FIM type. Returns nil in case of an error, the NSError object will then contain error details.

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