DTFoundation UIKit Enhancements

This part of DTFoundation contains enhancements for UIKit for use on iOS.



Alternative view for showing titles with a configurable activity indicator instead of default title view in navigationItem.


An accessory control that can be used instead of the standard disclosure indicator in a UITableView.


A Progress indicator shaped like a pie chart.


A scroll view that automatically manages a set of pages.


Simple subclass of CATiledLayer that does not fade in drawn tiles.


NSURL (DTAppLinks)

A collection of category extensions for NSURL that provide direct access to built-in app capabilities.

UIApplication (DTNetworkActivity)

Enhancement for UIApplication to properly count active network sessions and show the network activity indicator whenever there are more than 0 active sessions.

UIImage (DTFoundation)

Methods to help with working with images.

UIView (DTFoundation)

Enhancements for UIView.

UIWebView (DTFoundation)

Some convenient functions that can be also achieved if you know JavaScript, but are way more easy to remember like this.