Change Log

This is the history of version updates.

Version 1.7.9

  • ADDED: Support for app extensions
  • FIXED: Missing resume for data task in URL unshortener
  • CHANGED: Made smart paging delegate outlet so that it can be connected in IB
  • CHANGED: tvOS settings for combining HiDPI artwork, as suggested by Xcode
  • CHANGED: Exclude DTAlertView and DTActionSheet based on min OS instead of max OS
  • CHANGED: Removed deprecated classes from progress HUD demo
  • CHANGED: Xcode 7.1 update
  • FIXED: Unit tests

Version 1.7.8

  • ADDED: Support for tvOS
  • ADDED: Define to disable code that does not work when building for extensions
  • ADDED: [DTASN1] now part of DTFoundation Core
  • FIXED: [DTASN1] Numbers with more than 4 bytes would not be represented as NSNumber
  • FIXED: [DTASN1] Zero-length strings would cause parsing to assume an error
  • CHANGED: Removed DTZipArchive unit tests that would sometimes randomly fail (timing)

Version 1.7.7

  • FIXED: [DTSidePanelController] Panel might get stuck half way opened
  • CHANGED: DTSmartPagingScrollView can now be instantiated from NIB / Storyboard
  • FIXED: Warnings from XCode7
  • FIXED: Some warnings from OClint

Version 1.7.6

  • FIXED [DTASN1Parser] 2 Bugs
  • ADDED: Method for SHA1 generation
  • ADDED: iOS Framework

Version 1.7.5

  • FIXED: [DTHTMLParser] Implemented check for invalid encoding when auto-detecting HTML encoding
  • FIXED: [DTHTMLParser] Added missing deployment target in pod spec to allow usage of parser under OS X
  • FIXED: [DTASN1Parser] Crash when parsing ASN.1 data containing Latin1 string, instead ignore the string contents
  • FIXED: Improved 64-bit handling in DTCoreGraphicsUtils, DTPieProgressIndicator and UIImage+DTFoundation
  • FIXED: DTPieProgressIndicator would not display properly when instantiated from XIB

Version 1.7.4

  • FIXED: Added armv7s to static library targets (iOS)
  • FIXED: [DTZipArchive] unit test would sometimes fail
  • FIXED: Analyzer warnings
  • FIXED: Log message of main thread checker would mention incorrect symbol for debugging
  • ADDED: CocoaPods specs for DTScripting, Debug and Runtime
  • ADDED: Dynamic framework for iOS8
  • REMOVED: Deprecated static framework for iOS

Version 1.7.3

  • FIXED: [DTAlertView] Completion blocks for the buttons are not executed on iOS 8 GM
  • FIXED: [DTActionSheet] Completion blocks for the buttons are not executed on iOS 8 GM

Version 1.7.2

  • FIXED: [DTAlertView] Completion blocks for the buttons are not executed on iOS 8
  • FIXED: [DTLog] Deprecation warnings with iOS 8 deployment target
  • FIXED: [DTProgressHUD] Warning about no rootViewController might show if instantiated in app’s first run loop (<= iOS 7)
  • FIXED: [DTSidePanelController] Horizontal swipe gesture interfering with edit gesture on table view
  • FIXED: [DTSidePanelController] Panel sizing issue resulting in black areas showing
  • ADDED: [DTSidePanelController] Support for creation via storyboard

Version 1.7.1

  • ADDED: DTAnimatedGIF in separate static lib / subspec
  • FIXED: DTActionSheet “noticeable delay” choosing an action

Version 1.7.0

  • ADDED: DTProgressHUD
  • FIXED: Deprecation warning in DTActivityTitleView when compiling >= iOS 7
  • FIXED: Some targets where built only for 64-bit
  • FIXED: Warning about weak variable being accessed multiple times

Version 1.6.3

  • FIXED: DTFolderMonitor might cause exception if monitoring is started and stopped quickly in succession
  • CHANGED: Migrated unit testing to XCTest

Version 1.6.2

  • ADDED: DTCustomColoredAccessory gains DTCustomColoredAccessoryTypeSquare
  • CHANGED: Made DTASN1Parser usable as stand-alone library
  • FIXED: DTHTMLParser pod build problem if Xcode installed in path containing spaces
  • FIXED: Xcode 5.1 warnings

Version 1.6.1

Version 1.6.0

  • CHANGED: DTReachability now passes DTReachabilityInformation to observers
  • CHANGED: DTReachability revamped to allow monitoring custom hosts, no longer a singleton
  • FIXED: Missing Code Coverage monitoring
  • CHANGED: Refactored DTZipArchive and added more unit tests for GZip
  • CHANGED: Prefixed some C-functions to avoid conflicts
  • FIXED: Analyze Warnings
  • FIXED: Some 64-bit and Xcode 4/5 build issues

Version 1.5.4

  • ADDED: Coverage Monitoring via Coveralls
  • ADDED: DTBlockFunctions
  • FIXED: DTZipArchive: completion block would be called twice if uncompressing has error
  • FIXED: Warning in minizip
  • CHANGED: Removed shadow from PieProgressIndicator to fit iOS7 style

Version 1.5.3

  • FIXED: Warnings on DTZipArchive
  • FIXED: GZ file handle error
  • CHANGED: Updated build flags for static libs and frameworks
  • ADDED: Continuous Integration via Travis-CI

Version 1.5.2

  • ADDED: Method for duplicating template image tinting under iOS 6
  • ADDED: DTLog function for retrieving current app log messages
  • ADDED: DTLog function for duplicating NSLog but using ASL and specifying severity level
  • FIXED: DTLog issue when being called from C-function
  • FIXED: DTHTMLParser would not accumulate characters if no tag start and end delegate methods were set

Version 1.5.1

Version 1.5.0

  • CHANGED: DTASN1 Moved to sub-spec, out of Core
  • CHANGED: DTScripting classes moved to sub-spec, out of Core
  • CHANGED: DTAlertView, DTActionSheet, UIView+DTActionHandlers moved to UIKit_BlocksAdditions sub-spec, out of UIKit
  • CHANGED: Moved DTDebug methods for UIColor and UIView into sub-folder, no spec
  • CHANGED: Moved Obj-C runtime methods to sub-folder, no spec
  • ADDED: DTAWS for communicating with Amazon Web Services
  • ADDED: Method on DTSmartPagingScrollView for accessing a specific page’s view
  • FIXED: Typo on DTHTMLParser sub-spec
  • FIXED: Parsing the OS X version string was incorrect in DTVersion
  • FIXED: DTExtendedFileAttributes was using hard-coded length for buffer

Note: While there are no breaking API changes the podspec cleanup will probably require updating your dependencies if you use projects that directly or indirectly depend on DTFoundation.

Version 1.4.4

  • FIXED: Warning for incomplete section pragma in DTActionSheet
  • FIXED: Added missing zLib dependency to PodSpec
  • FIXED: DTWeakSupport.h can now also be imported into non-ARC source files
  • FIXED: DTWeakSupport header missing from public headers for iOS Static Framework target
  • FIXED: Removed duplicate classes from side panel demo which are already included in lib

Version 1.4.3

  • FIXED: Removed Error in DTWeakSupport, as including this in non-ARC project is legitimate use

Version 1.4.2

Version 1.4.1

  • ADDED: [DTCustomColoredAccessory] Added left arrow disclosure indicator
  • ADDED: [DTReachability] Demo App
  • CHANGED: [DTReachability] to observe reachability to instead of general IP connectivity as this addresses some issues where DNS resolving might lag behind
  • FIXED: [DTSidePanel] Appearance Notifications not sent to replaced panels

Version 1.4

  • ADDED: [DTSidePanel] Container Controller
  • ADDED: [DTSQLite] Wrapper class for SQLite3 Databases
  • ADDED: [DTAlertView] Method to create a cancel button and/or set a cancelBlock.
  • CHANGED: Moved experimental striped layer into Experimental folder

Version 1.3

  • ADDED: [DTReachability]
  • FIXED: [DTZipArchive] Incorrect Define

Version 1.2

  • ADDED: [DTASN1] BitString support
  • ADDED: [DTASN1] DTASN1Serialization
  • ADDED: [DTASN1] IA5 String support
  • FIXED: [DTZipArchive] Unit Tests

Version 1.1

  • CHANGED: Refactored base64 methods into DTBase64Coding
  • ADDED: UIView Debug methods to catch errors where UIView methods are called on background thread
  • ADDED: [Experimental] DTStripedLayer
  • ADDED: Method to produce random color
  • ADDED: DTTiledLayerWithoutFade
  • ADDED: CGRectCenter
  • FIXED: [AppKit] Fixed bugs in panel presenting
  • CHANGED: [DTZipArchive] Various Improvements
  • CHANGED: [DTUTI] Moved to separate library/subspec
  • REMOVED: DTDownload and DTBonjour, they become their own repositories