Inherits from NSObject
Conforms to DTHTMLParserDelegate
Declared in DTHTMLAttributedStringBuilder.h


Class for building an NSAttributedString from an HTML document.


Creating an Attributed String Builder

Generating Attributed Strings



Setting this property to YES causes the tree of parse nodes to be preserved until the end of the generation process. This allows to output the HTML structure of the document for debugging.

@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL shouldKeepDocumentNodeTree

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This block is called before the element is written to the output attributed string

@property (nonatomic, copy) DTHTMLAttributedStringBuilderWillFlushCallback willFlushCallback

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Instance Methods


Creates the attributed string when called the first time.

- (NSAttributedString *)generatedAttributedString

Return Value

An NSAttributedString representing the HTML document passed in the initializer.

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Initializes and returns a new NSAttributedString object from the HTML contained in the given object and base URL.

- (id)initWithHTML:(NSData *)data options:(NSDictionary *)options documentAttributes:(NSDictionary *__autoreleasing *)docAttributes



The data in HTML format from which to create the attributed string.


Specifies how the document should be loaded. Contains values described in NSAttributedString(HTML).


Currently not in use.

Return Value

Returns an initialized object, or nil if the data can’t be decoded.


Options can be:

  • DTMaxImageSize: the maximum CGSize that a text attachment can fill
  • DTDefaultFontFamily: the default font family to use instead of Times New Roman
  • DTDefaultFontName: the default font face to use instead of Times New Roman
  • DTDefaultFontSize: the default font size to use instead of 12
  • DTDefaultTextColor: the default text color
  • DTDefaultLinkColor: the default color for hyperlink text
  • DTDefaultLinkDecoration: the default decoration for hyperlinks
  • DTDefaultLinkHighlightColor: the color to show while the hyperlink is highlighted
  • DTDefaultTextAlignment: the default text alignment for paragraphs
  • DTDefaultLineHeightMultiplier: The multiplier for line heights
  • DTDefaultFirstLineHeadIndent: The default indent for left margin on first line
  • DTDefaultHeadIndent: The default indent for left margin except first line
  • DTDefaultListIndent: The amount by which lists are indented
  • DTDefaultStyleSheet: The default style sheet to use
  • DTUseiOS6Attributes: use iOS 6 attributes for building (UITextView compatible)
  • DTWillFlushBlockCallBack: a block to be executed whenever content is flushed to the output string
  • DTIgnoreInlineStylesOption: All inline style information is being ignored and only style blocks used

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